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T H E  L E G E N D  O F  T H E  M I S S I N G  P I S T O L S

As the Lunar New Year comes close, Alistar, Jarvan and Fiora have all been busy preparing for the festivity. Garbed in their traditional Lunar Beast outfits decked with futuristic designs, the trio had their hands full prepping up for their yearly reunion.

This year, they invited Miss Fortune to join the celebration, as Alistar wanted to ask her about her powerful Ox Pistols. Miss Fortune arrived, greeted everyone and left the pistols inside the house. As the night time came, fireworks lighted the skies as lion dances filled the streets. They all went outside to see the amazing spectacle. Jarvan joked that he can dance way better than that, to which Miss Fortune replied with her famous quote: “Don’t get cocky!”.

As they went back inside, Miss Fortune started screaming – the pistols are missing! Help them gather clues to find the missing pistols!

How to Join

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Gather, read and search out for clues 

Finish the story to uncover the mystery 

C H A N C E  T O  W I N  T H E S E  A W E S O M E  P R I Z E S :

 Wild Rift swags x 10    1125 Wild Cores x 30   Exclusive Lunar Beast mobile wallpaper x 20      
 Exclusive signed Wild Rift eCard x 30     Champion of your choice x 10 

G I F T  Y O U R  F R I E N D S  W I L D  C O R E S  A N D  G E T  B O N U S  P O R O  C O I N S !

The Lunar Hunt will test your skills to explore beyond the details

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